Cooking with Dice

Hello, Everyone!

I am extremely excited to announce that Jennifer from one of my favorite shops, Adventurescents, is now producing her own cookbook line for gamers, or those who like to add some spice into their cooking life!  Her new cookbook The Acid Test is a classic RPG (role playing game) that takes place in the kitchen and involves cooking food with different acids instead of heat.  It is a cookbook based on food science, and I love how she adds science to the kitchen and mixes it with a gaming component for a completely original cooking experience.


That being said, she is starting a Kickstarter project for her first cookbook soon and she needs your help!  I will update you when the Kickstarter goes live, but in the meantime, please go here for more information about her fantastic new line of cookbooks and her original ideas as a gamer and someone who loves to cook.

I am also in the process of reviewing and cooking from her cookbook so I will update you all as I delve deeper into Jennifer’s fantastic cooking adventure!

Much love,


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