To the North by K.H. Leigh

Title: To the North

Author: K.H. Leigh

Rating: 4/5


Everyone gets lost in the Wood that surrounds the village to the North. Everyone, that is, except for Annabelle Knopp.

But the Wood contains secrets even Annabelle doesn’t know. When the body of a stranger appears on the steps of the church, the quiet village gets thrown into turmoil. People begin to disappear, the trees stir with long-forgotten magic, and a dark force rises in the Wild.

With her home in danger, Annabelle must embark on an unforgettable journey to an unknown world, to save the people she loves from the shadow that threatens to consume them all.

And something in the Wood is watching.


To the North is a wonderful mix of folklore, mystery, and fantasy brought together by a very talented author.  K.H. Leigh’s work reads like a fairytale that has been around for centuries but is surprisingly fresh all at once.  Leigh’s work presents a rich storyline that does not contain any inconsistencies and wraps up the story beautifully.  The layout of her book is just as beautiful as the writing itself with short chapters and beautiful folk designs throughout, and I couldn’t help but tear through this book.  At no point during the novel did the story lag or become dull, and it held my attention beautifully.

To the North centeres on the main character of Annabelle who ends up having to fight a darkness and what lingers in the Woods to save her family and those that she loves.  This element of darkness adds a bit of suspense and horror to the story, while also bringing forth a powerful heroine that will stop at nothing to protect those that she loves.

Leigh’s poetic writing style brings her characters and setting to life, and by the end of the novel, I found myself missing the life that To the North brought, and I had a hard time reminding myself that the story was indeed only fiction.

If you are looking for a well developed suspenseful fantasy, To the North succeeds on so many levels.  My only critique is that some of the sentences were run on, but it didn’t take too much away from the story.





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