Behind Broken Glass Walls Teaser #2

Hello Everyone!

The release date of my novel “Behind Broken Glass Walls” has been changed from November to January due to some extra editing that needs to be done.  However, here is the second teaser for the novel, and the Goodreads listing for it is live!

If you would like to review an ARC of Behind Broken Glass Walls, please email me at



Abuse. A gun. And her daughter.

You never know how strong you are until you are forced into a situation that tests every ounce of strength that you have. This is what one mother learns as she finds out that the person who committed a shooting at her daughter’s high school was indeed her daughter. Her feelings are a mix of every emotion, but what bothers her the most is that even though she knows that her daughter took the lives of many others, she can’t help but love her as much as she ever did. It is this love that she has for her daughter that makes her feel at fault.

Learn what it means to love a child when everyone else sees her as a murderer, and experience what it feels like to love someone who you no longer understand.

What are the limits on your love?


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