Mystical Mojo Box Review: October 2016

Mystical Mojo Box is a subscription that brings you boxes to help invoke soul transformation!  They have 3 monthly options – the Mega Mojo Box that includes 5 or more items linked to the monthly theme, the Crystal Mojo Box which includes 2 -3 stones to go along with the monthly theme, and the Mojo Jewels Box which includes 2 -3 jewelry/accessory items that incorporate mystical designs and stones.  The pricing of each box (plus shipping) is shown below.

    • Mega Mojo Box: $45 per month + shipping (US $6~CND $16~UK $20)
    • Crystal Mojo Box: $15 per month + shipping (US $6~CND $16~UK $20)
    • Mojo Jewels Box: $27 per month + shipping (shipping is free)
    • Order Here:logo_with_tag-350px

I received the October Mega Mojo Box right around the first of October since they bill you in the middle of the month, and the theme was Faerie Magick!  I have to say that I ADORED this theme, and all of the items inside.  It was such a unique box, and I love how Christina, the owner, picked out each item specifically to fit in with the theme and the mystical essence of the box.

Faerie Magick Mega Mojo Box


Mystical Mojo sends out their monthly boxes in plain white boxes with a small sticker presenting the logo on the front.  I personally love the white boxes because they are plain and reusable.  I like reusing the white boxes to organize my own mystical items in.

Upon opening the box, the items are wrapped in a royal purple tissue paper with a sticker of Mystical Mojo’s logo on front.  The rest of the items are packed in paper shavings.


The first thing that you find when opening the box is a card that lists the monthly theme (since it is always a surprise, and you don’t know what is included beforehand).  The card generally lists all items included, and a small description for some of the items.  It is good quality, and easy to read.  I always keep these cards so that I can use them as reference.  Since each card gives background on the spirituality included in the box, it is nice to know why the items included are important if you are unaware about the spirituality presented.


The first item included were these little seed bombs.  They are bombs that you can plant in the springtime, and they will flourish into beautiful flowers.  This was an excellent touch to this box because the box included items for a faerie garden, and you can use these bombs to create your own faerie garden in the spring.  These bombs are from Seed Paper Society:


The next item was a Hag Stone.  This was a perfect stone to send during this time, because it can be used when the veil between worlds is at it’s thinnest – on Beltane and Samhain – which are both around this time of year.  The lore is that if you look through the hole in the stone on either of these holidays, you may see Faerie Folk.  This tone is from Raw and Refined Earth:


Also included in this box was a small faerie necklace, and I think that it is absolutely adorable!  You can never have enough faerie jewelry.


Now, the absolutely best part of this gorgeous box was the mini faerie garden set!  It came with a gorgeous dendritic agate stone, a pewter faerie statue, a mini planter, and an air plant.  What is best about the air plant is that it is real, but doesn’t need to be planted in soil or watered.  All you have to do is soak it in water for a minute each week, and it thrives on its own.  This little faerie garden is absolutely perfect for the winter when outside gardening is not possible, and in the spring you can transfer these items outside when you plant your seed bombs!


The last item included in this month’s box was a small bottle of solid perfume titled “The Green Fairy” from Aurora Artica:

The smell of this perfume is very light and rustic.  I love it!  It is a nice touch to keep that faerie essence with you all day.

Overall, I loved this box.  It was my favorite of theirs yet!  The mini faerie garden is perfect for my room during the winter, and the jewelry, stones, and perfume were excellent compliments.  The curation of this box is one of the best I have seen, and I am amazed that she gave us a small faerie garden for winter, and then wildflower seed bombs to grow an outdoor garden in the spring.

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