September 2016 Lit – Cube Review: Haunted Hearts

Lit – Cube is a monthly young adult book subscription box that sends you a book, snack and multiple additional goodies.  They generally send a mix of hardcover novels or paperbacks that aren’t always published within the year, but they base each box on the novel chosen and the proposed theme.  I was particularly excited for this month’s box because of the “Haunted Hearts” theme, and I was not disappointed.


First off, the Lit – Cube box is adorable and is fun to find at your day on the day it arrives.


Upon opening the box you are introduced with a couple of notecards that display the theme of that month’s box, and the mission of Lit – Cube itself: to send an experience, and not just a box.  All of the items were wrapped in paper shreds and a large piece of tissue paper.  Nothing was damaged.


The first item I picked up was a faux leather journal with a ribbon bookmark.  The quote on the front was picked out specifically by the featured author and it reads:

“Keep a green tree in your heart, and perhaps a singing bird will come.”


The next couple of items were an old-fashioned quill pen and an ink pot.  These were my favorite elements to the box because it really added to that Victorian feel.  These, along with the journal, were an excellent curating move on the owner’s part.


A heavy locket with dried flowers inside was also included, and this item was very well made and connected right to the book chosen.


The snack included was a pack of dark chocolate hot chocolate.


A small bar of Mor Gardenia soap was also included to go along with the book.


And for the main attraction, the book chosen this month was The Architect of Song by A.G. Howard, along with a signed bookplate.  Each item included in this box was curated to link directly back to the novel, and that was an ingenious curating move.

In the past I have not been wildly impressed with Lit – Cube’s curating due to the fact that it always seemed to be lacking, but this month hit it out of the park.  It was a great experience, and one of the best curating moves I have seen in a box.

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Price: $34.95/month including shipping

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