Weekly Update – 09/12/16 – 09/18/16

Happy Wednesday Everyone!

I apologize for this late post!  This week I already reviewed The Way We Go by the very talented Roxie Prince, and I will be reviewing Growth Spurt by Roxie later this week.

This week is also shipping week for Go Indie Now!, which is why I have been so busy!  Yay!  All September boxes are going out this week, and October boxes are now ready to order.  I am insanely excited to announce our October themes for the very first time, so here they are!

  • General Fiction Box: Shadows Linger – A bibliotherapy session for adults who wish they could still trick or treat (gothic/supernatural genres)
  • Romance/Erotica Box: Tainted Love – A bibliotherapy session for those who would like a taste of the darker side of romance
  • Poetry Box: Hopes and Fears – A bibliotherapy session to celebrate all of the darkness and light that is present in our lives (Our poetry box will feature an XL poetry themed blanket by Lazy Shift Linens!)

And, as always, 10% of every purchase benefits Knitted Knockers, and NAMI – The National Alliance on Mental Illness.

Y0u can use code “GIMMENOW” for 10% off of your first month!  Go Here to Order

I hope that you all have a beautiful week, and remember that you are all valuable and important.  Don’t let anyone tell you anything different!

Much love,



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