Author Interview: Susan Ferrell

This week’s author spotlight is on the lovely Susan Ferrell!  Susan is the author of The Whipple Wash Chronicles, an adorable fantasy series that urges readers to believe in who they are and who they can be.  She is very passionate about her writing and making a difference, and I thoroughly enjoyed interviewing her for this spotlight.

Author Interview

  • What is your favorite genre to write, and do you write across different genres?

I do not have a favorite genre to write in, but I do have a fondness for comedy, which often finds its way into whatever genre I am writing in. I have self-published works in fantasy adventure, adult comedy, and cozy erotica. Patiently waiting in the background are a Sci-fi and a Paranormal Drama.


  • What has your publishing experience been like?

Self-publishing is an interesting path to take, which as in anything, has its ups and downs. I am a bit of a control freak, but I am a good sport about it. I like the freedom and the control that self-publishing gives me. I also like that I have no one to answer to, no one watching over me, and no one taking a huge chunk of my profits. However, it can also be quite lonely and daunting. Most days I find myself winging it. Testing the waters, seeing what works and doesn’t by trial and error. A traditional publishing house already has that knowledge base and the funding to make things happen. It is quite awesome that Indie Authors are so willing to share our experiences and help each other out. Now, all most of us need is a backer that believes in the vision and can make things happen.


  • What is your advice to aspiring authors?

If there is a story within you to tell, tell it. Don’t worry so much about whether someone else will like it. Just put pen to paper and write it. Be honest with the telling of the story. Which means, tell it from your point of view, not how you think others will see it. They are not inside your head; only you can tell the story. Do your research, to make what you are telling plausible in the reader’s mind. Don’t be afraid to ask for help. Most Indie authors are quite willing to share their knowledge and experiences. And lastly, have fun. Writing is a spectacular, creative, art form that will take you down paths; you never imagined you would walk on before you began to write.

  • What do you hope readers will take away from your writing?

That is kind of a tough question to answer because I write in different genres. I suppose for the Whipple Wash Chronicles, which is what I am currently working on, I would hope that readers see that: no matter how small or insignificant you think you are, how desperate the journey is, how insurmountable the odds are, if you have faith in yourself, you can achieve anything, you need only believe.

  • What are you currently working on?

I am currently working on the third installment of The Whipple Wash Chronicles – The Long Road Home. I am also working with a very talented artist, Evee Fex-Chriszt, who has come on board to help with the 4th book, which will be a field guide of all things Whipple Washian. There is also a special project I am working on for the release of the third book, a board game. I am very excited about the possibilities of “What If.”

Author Bio

S.D. Ferrell is a writer, self-published author, and creative artist. Ms. Ferrell was born the 1st of October 1960 in Norfolk General Hospital, in Simcoe Ontario Canada. She grew up on a small hobby farm just outside of Simcoe in Windham Centre, with her parents, six sisters and one brother.

Her fondest memories of childhood was on the farm and the time she spent outside with her siblings. They had grand adventures in the forest that curved around the property. She remembers a majestic willow tree with long flowing branches that grew beside the laneway – they swung from those branches until they were giddy with laughter. There were also cherry trees in the front yard that she climbed, and sat on the branches for what seemed like hours on end. Among the leaves she was free to allow her mind to take flights of fancy.

Nature; was a wonderful playground for a little girl with a vivid imagination who would one day grow-up to be a writer. Is it any wonder, Ms. Ferrell says, that my debut novel starts in a forest and one of the main characters throughout the series is a tree.

S.D. is a proud mother to five daughters and a grandmother to fourteen wonderful grandchildren. She presently resides in Simcoe Ontario and is working on the third book in the series, The Long Road Home.

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