Author Spotlight: Gene Jordan

Our next author spotlight is on Gene Jordan, author of “An Old Man and a Girl”!  Below is his book information and links to different trailers for his book as well as his Amazon author page.

Book Information

Revised Cover An Old Man and a Girl.png

Adventure, History, Family, Respect, Travel, Heartbreak, Culture, First Crush…

A story about a Grandfather and Granddaughter adventure following the Lewis and Clark Trail across the United States. The two make new friends along the way, have many adventures, learn about history especially Sacagawea’s blue beads, and face challenges together all while Zack, the old man, is trying to convince his Granddaughter, Molly, to go back to school.  Unfortunately, their trip doesn’t turn out exactly as they had hoped.  A dark figure is always following the old man, there are dangerous animal attacks, dangerous people, and a few run ins with the law.  Will Molly ever go back to school?  Will Zack feel purpose in life again?  Who is the dark figure?  Read An Old Man and Girl: A Modern Day Lewis and Clark Adventure to find out.

Gene’s Amazon Author Page

Book Trailer

Book Review Trailer

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