Go Indie Now! LGBTQ Pride Box – For Charity

Hello Everyone,

I wanted to update you on a one-time box that we have released to help fight terrible hate crimes, like what happened in Orlando yesterday.

In light of the horrific tragedy on June 12, 2016, we are selling these limited edition boxes that will include one LGBTQ themed indie book and multiple pride and acceptance items. Each box will have a different book and variety of items. No two boxes will be the same, and all boxes will be shipped and made to order. All of our sales from the box will go to help fight these terrible hate crimes, and we hope to spread acceptance and love through this box.

To order, Please Go Here.

Please help us fight these terrible things from happening.  This is a cause that is very dear to my heart, and I am sickened by how much hate goes on in our world and in this community.  Acceptance is key, and we want to spread that as much as possible.

Much love,



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