Go Indie Now! Rep Search

Hello everyone!
I am looking for reps for my subscription business “Go Indie Now!”. This is a book box that includes one indie novel, a few items based on the book, and an informational packet written by the author and/or myself. The reps that I choose will receive 3 months of FREE boxes, but they must post at least one blog post a week featuring the items in the box. I am also requiring that they have a larger following. To apply, please post 3 of your best pictures and tag me in the photos. I am also looking for reps on Facebook and Instagram.
I will be announcing the winners around May 1. The first boxes will go out May 20. Thank you everyone!
#bibliophile #repsearch #bookbox #indiebooks #indiebooksbeseen
Go Indie Now! Box

Thank you,

Ashley Nestler


IF BOOK REQUEST WEBSITE IS DOWN EMAIL: peachykeenreviews@gmail.com

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*Donations are more than welcome and help me to keep my reviews and marketing services free. Please help me to keep my blog going! All donations will receive a gift.*


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