Go Indie Now! Monthly Book Box

Hello Everyone,

I just want you to know about a plan that is brewing in my mind.  As many of you know, monthly book boxes are showing up just about everywhere, but I am seriously considering opening a book box that would revolve around indie novels.  The box would include 2-3 bookish items that would go along with the theme of the box (each box would be themed after a different genre) and all of the items included would be handmade.  Also, the box would include a handwritten letter by me explaining why I chose the book that I did.

Would any of you be interested in such a thing?  I am trying to collect opinions to determine if there would be a market for an indie monthly book box.  The book box would be called “Go Indie Now!”.

Much love,



IF BOOK REQUEST WEBSITE IS DOWN EMAIL: peachykeenreviews@gmail.com

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