Book Discussion #1 – Characters

Hello Everyone 🙂

I just wanted to update everyone on the review process.  Currently I am reading The Calypsis Project by Brittan M. Willows and I am loving it.  It is probably one of the most creative science fiction novels that I have read recently and I highly recommend that you check it out.

That being said, I wanted to start a discussion characters.  I am going to post a couple of questions and I would love for all of you writers and readers to comment on your thoughts.  My first question is:

As authors and readers, do you feel that the characters in your books or the books that you are reading are like your family? 

I have found that the stronger an author feels about a character, the stronger that character is.  If a character is weak and the author doesn’t care for the character, I find it hard to care about them as well. I am just curious to hear your thoughts on this.  I would also like you to consider the next question:

To you, are characters more than figments of the imagination?

Remember, this question is subjective and please don’t discount any else’s response.  Feel free to post any other questions that you have as well!


P. S. Would anyone be interested in participating in a book club that I would host?  We would be reading both indie and mainstream novels.  I would like for the group to analyze books in depth, which would be a great way for us to get to know one another and understand literature on a deeper level.  Let me know!



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2 thoughts on “Book Discussion #1 – Characters

  1. In books I’m reading or writing, characters often feel like family or friends — people who I feel I know and very much love. I love it when this happens and this puts a book on my must-read-again list.

    As to whether characters feel like just figments of imagination, I’d have to say no. As I said, when I’m reading, great characters can be friends and family. When I’m writing, my characters are “real” people — they walk and talk in my head. I can’t decide to make them do something they wouldn’t do and they often take the story in a direction I wasn’t planning. But, they’re “real” people, with their own motivations, ways of talking, nervous tics, etc. Sometimes, my job seems as easy as “taking dictation” and I’m just making sure I’m getting down all the things they’re doing! As I once told a flesh-and-blood family member who wanted my attention, “Hang on, hang on. They’re talking and I have to get it all down. They’re not just going to come back later and say it all again!”

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  2. I absolutely love your insight Davyne! Characters do seem to have minds of their own and we just record their actions. A publisher once told me to make sure that my characters don’t run away with my story, and I think that this is the best advice! Characters are so active and strong that writers sometimes get lost in who their characters are and forget where the story was going.


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