Into The Fog – My 2nd Novel – UPDATE!

Hello Everyone!
I wanted to share some very exciting news.  My second novel, “Into The Fog”, is going to be re-released in a few months with many story updates and today I had the pleasure of obtaining and releasing the new cover!

Font One:

Font Two:

into the fog cover 2.jpg

I am very, very excited about this cover which is from the website  Once you pay for a cover on this site it cannot be sold again, but you can change it and edit it if you need to do that.  I was referred to this site by the beautiful and talented Marie Silk, author of the book Davenport House of which I recently wrote a review for: Davenport House by Marie Silk Review

Please keep an eye out for the new version of “Into The Fog” which will be releasing soon.  I will add updates until then.  This is a novel that I have worked on and changed over the course of seven years and I am now getting ready to release the permanent, final version.  A sequel will also be in the works soon.  The new edition will include maps of the “Reincarne World” in the book as well as character biographies and maps.

Below is the synopsis for “Into The Fog”:


“A murder, a choice, and an eternal destiny. Welcome to the untold story of sixteenth century England.

Darielle couldn’t be happier and more in love with her fiancé, Prince Tarum, until the eve of their wedding announcement when Tarum is murdered.  Following the tragedy, Darielle is thrown into a life filled with despair as strangers enter the Tower and change her way of life.  However, she begins to find herself drawn to Harlisisle, the new guard for Queen Estelle.  Something about him makes her feel as though she has known him before. This attraction ends up unraveling past events in her life that she had long forgotten, and she soon discovers the true circumstances surrounding Tarum’s murder.  The truth makes her question the love that she once had for people that she thought she knew.

‘Into The Fog’ is a roller coaster ride of historical romance and fantasy elements that will keep you on the edge of your seat and asking only one question:

‘What if death isn’t an ending, but a beginning?'”

Please keep checking the blog for updates on my novels and book reviews.




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