Upcoming Book Reviews Round 4

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Here is round 4 of my upcoming indie book reviews!  Please look over these books and support these beautiful authors.



Title: Journey to Glory

Author: Carrie Rachelle Johnson

Purchase: Journey to Glory on Amazon


The world has become a dark place in need of light. Evil runs rampant and people are in need of hope. On Mount Glory, the Ancient One waits to provide that hope to those who are willing to seek Him. By following the Bright Morning Star, some travelers embark on a journey that would change their lives forever. Yet the evil dragon Diablo has no intention of allowing anyone to accept the love of the Ancient One and join His service. The travelers must be swayed from their journey or if not, destroyed before they reached the mountain. What chance could these travelers have against such a heartless, cruel creature and the evil minions that serve him? What obstacles will they have to endure? Will any survive their journey to Glory?

* . * . *

Title: Guardians of the Grove

Author: J. W. Davis

Purchase: Guardians of the Grove on Amazon


Fifteen-year-old Meeka has trained her entire life for the ranks of the Sacred Grove. When her plans go awry, she flees her home and joins the Bow Maidens, a band of lethal women warriors. As she struggles to find herself, Meeka discovers her hidden gift—an ancient magic of her ancestors.
Meanwhile, the assassination of the king leaves Adrik, a young monk, next in line for the throne. To save the kingdom from the ruthless Duke, Adrik must join forces with an orphaned cutpurse, an over-sized monk, and bumbling aristocrat. Adrik’s survival—and that of the kingdom—depend on the alliances and friendships he forges.

In this fast-paced, epic fantasy, J. W. Davis weaves a tale where two young people come of age in a world of friendship, magic, and destiny.

* . * . *

Title: No Net

Author: Noah Nichols

Purchase: No Net on Amazon


What would you do if the Internet mysteriously vanished? NO NET is the ambitious novel that explores how little or how much people care about the beloved World Wide Web. Spanning across 20 APPs with a hearty assortment of varied characters, this fictional tale begs you to just take a moment and think about how deep we’ve all been sinking in a digital quicksand…

* . * . *

Title: Royal Deception

Author: Denae Christine

Purchase: Royal Deception on Amazon

royal deception FINAL web

A Prince who can shift his arms into swords, a tutor who can shift his arms into wings, and a madman who wants to kill them both . . . .

Prince Symon is a living weapon. Literally. Descended from a diminishing line of royal blade shifters, thirteen-year-old Symon can shift his arms into swords. He thinks nothing can harm him until merfolk kill his younger brother.

What can Symon do when faced with things he can’t fight, like nightmares foretelling his death? Or over-protective parents? Or a kingdom on the brink of civil war? Torn between his uncle who persecutes animal shifters and his tutor who is a bird shifter, Symon feels powerless to protect his kingdom, let alone himself. When Symon and his best friend Lana are targeted by Claur, a foreign rebel determined to usurp the throne, magic alone will not save them.

Symon will have to choose whom to trust, and whom to kill.

* . * . *

Title: Savaged Lands

Author: Lana Kortchik


September 1941, Kiev.
Life for teenage sisters Natasha and Lisa Smirnova is about to change beyond their worst fears.

Despite Stalin’s assurances to hold the Ukrainian capital at all costs, Hitler has ordered his troops into the Ukraine and for the Russians and Ukrainians living there, it heralds a terrible time of fear, hunger and peril.

All too soon, the danger of living under Nazi occupation impacts on the lives of the ordinary citizens.

The eldest Smirnov son, Stanislav, sets off to fight for the Red Army at the front.

On the brink of marriage to her fiancé Alexei, Lisa’s happiness quickly turns to despair.

Her older sister Natasha watches as their frail grandmother stands up to a Nazi and pays a hard price. But who is the mysterious soldier who steps in to rescue Natasha?

As the harsh winter of 1941 draws in, the Smirnov family watch Jewish friends dragged from their homes, never to return.

The family are further torn by war when Natasha’s father is taken away.

Distraught Natasha turns to Mark, a Hungarian who she grows quickly fond of.

The consequences of their relationship could be dire for both Natasha and Mark if they are discovered, and their future looks fragile.

Two years pass and the noise of Red Army planes is heard once again over Kiev, prompting new hope to rise up among the citizens of the city.

The Nazis look set to move out, but will the Smirnovs’ loved ones ever return to Kiev?

Natasha waits and hopes for better times to return, not knowing whether she will ever see the people she cares for again.

Savaged Lands is a novel of love and loss, which chronicles the lives of ordinary citizens of Kiev during this dark and desperate period of their history in World War 2. Its descriptions and characters portray the horrors, and ultimately the hopes, of family members looking to survive oppression and starvation.

Whilst moving and chilling in parts, it ultimately bears testimony to the strength of the people of Kiev, and to their faith that life and love could still prevail against all the odds.

*. *. *

Title: Demorn: Blade of Exile

Author: David Finn

Purchase: Demorn: Blade of Exile on Amazon


Demorn. Blade of Exile. Wandering Sword. Dimensional Exiles. Demon Gods. Savage Assassins. Sexy, epic fantasy action! No Mercy!

Reality is collapsing. Fracture Event aftershocks have destroyed the Mirror World of Asanti. Demorn, mercurial sword for hire, has been the exile of a dead world since she was thirteen.

Demorn seeks vengeance. Underneath a sassy attitude and an addiction to card games and equally dangerous blondes, Demorn cannot forget the Fracture Event that tore Asanti apart – even though the rest of the universe has…

Stranded in the dark, dazzling future city of Babelzon, Demorn sells her blazing sword and her Athena gun to the highest bidder. She is haunted by dreams of a magical dimension where her girlfriend was murdered. Demorn belongs to the Innocents, a Clubhouse of mercenaries and assassins based deep inside the city.

On a secret mission for the Innocents Demorn uncovers a terrifying conspiracy cult of multi-dimensional demons hiding in plain sight. Betrayed by those close to her and forced to flee into the Grave Dimension, Demorn must face the horror of a reality virus, an Ultimate Fate destroying dimensions and worlds just as it destroyed Asanti.

Demorn, the ultimate mercenary, must risk everything in a dark, desperate quest for something bigger than a bounty if Babelzon and the Innocents are to be saved…

* . * . *

Title: Demorn: City of Innocents

Author: David Finn

Purchase: Demorn: City of Innocents on Amazon


Every exile longs for their homeland. Even the Wandering Princess of the Swords.

After two years, Demorn has returned from the Grave Dimension. Her girlfriend remains lost, the mad plan to resurrect her has failed…

The Tyrant rules a burning city. Demorn’s patron, Tony, is now at the mercy of the Council he once owned. Demorn’s ruby heart is cold, the holy blade of Xalos unable or unwilling to spawn for her.

Fleeing the doomed Grave, Demorn and her fellow Innocent, Alex, bargained with corrupt demon gods to return to Babelzon, as Ultimate Fate tore reality apart behind them.

But Demorn is a myth that only some now believe in. Old friends have fallen or are trapped. Demorn can see the bones of Ultimate Fate in the sky and the Tyrant oversees all.

Poisoned by the cursed locket of a death god, every desperate deal Demorn has ever made will be called to account. She must save fellow Innocents from the depths of the Repeater Mall and the tricks of her enemies. She must save her brother from gazing too deep into the ruins of Asanti. Her own past haunts her. Escaping the Grave may have been no escape at all…

She must face the Tyrant. No Mercy!

* . * . *

Title: Anchor of Hope

Author: Kiah Stephens

Purchase: Anchor of Hope on Amazon


27-year-old Ashley Harper has it all—a secure job in the city, a cozy apartment in a great neighborhood, and a high-profile boyfriend who is on his way to becoming one of New York’s top business attorneys. She is successful and has it all. . . or so she thought.
After fleeing from Sweet Home eight years ago following the devastating death of her father, Ashley vowed she would never return. But when her mother decides to get married there, Ashley is forced to return to the sleepy, little town she once called home in Oregon.
Having to spend an entire week in the very place she fought so hard to escape she expects to find nothing but anger, resentment, and hostility but instead finds forgiveness, love—and her ex-boyfriend, Jay.
Things are not what she expected in Sweet Home.
Once again, Ashley finds herself at a crossroads. Faced with an impossible decision—will she trust her head and return to her life in the city and live the life of luxury she has worked so hard to achieve, or will she trust Gods’ gentle guiding and follow her heart back home.


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