Upcoming Book Reviews Round 3

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I have decided to start having my “upcoming book reviews” posts be in sets of eight books at a time so that they are more manageable.  Here are eight more books added to my list for reviews!  Please check them out and support these beautiful authors.



Title: Against the Reign

Author: Dove Winters

Purchase: Against the Reign on Amazon


Ginny doesn’t want to be queen. Known as the mead-loving, trouble-making princess of Newrock, all she wants is for her beloved younger brother to marry, so he can assume the throne and she can disappear. But when tragedy befalls her kingdom and pushes the crown into her hands, she’s forced to face her worst nightmare. Surrounded by betrayal and the threat of death, her only thought is to save her brother–even if it means giving herself over to the enemy.

* . * . *

Title: Southbound

Author: Joseph Ferguson

Purchase: Southbound on Amazon


A short story collection about Basement Man ; moody drunk, sometime rock climber, absurdist philosopher, raconteur of the ridiculous, rogue, and not-so-merry prankster from the North End of Yonkers (aka Junkies Paradise). An every-man for nobodies, he is ever adrift between the carrot of sobriety and the reality of carpe diem. Bowing only to the laws of Murphy, he can never decide whether the lucky ones are the survivors or those who died years ago.

* . * . *

Title: Making Monsters 

Author: Joe Turk

Purchase: Making Monsters on Amazon


Making Monsters is an apocalyptic horse race. Man-made earthquake swarms, genetically engineered sterility, contagious insomnia, expanding sinkholes, scorned militants, and ancient, writhing, subterranean nightmares compete to bring the era of man to an unmerciful conclusion.

* . * . *

Title: Miriamne the Magdala

Author: J B Richards

Purchase: Miriamne the Magdala on Amazon


“Miriamne the Magdala-The First Chapter in the Yeshua and Miri Novel Series” takes place during the first part of the so-called “missing years” of Yeshua’s life. The novel explores the deeply personal relationship between twelve year old Miriamne and her cousin Yeshua bar Joseph. When a family tragedy strikes, and Yeshua and Miriamne are placed in a dangerous situation, heavenly forces intervene and a divine legacy that must be kept secret to all but their closest family members is revealed.

* . * . *

Title: Warlocks, Angels and Warriors

Author: Luciana Correa

Purchase: Warlocks, Angels and Warriors on Amazon


Read and follow the story told by the angel faithful to the Creator.
Meet the Knaasts. They are gorgeous and dangerous; rich and powerful. They are the cream of the cream of the international society.
Their goal is simple. They want to take up the world.
Witchcraft, violence, macabre rites and submission of will.
What is gonna weigh heavier on the scales? Darkness or light, life or death, right or wrong? They all get mixed and hard to sort out.
The human beings dragged by the battling forces for power over the Earth need to make their choices.
Can love justify any mistake? Any action?
Would you side with a demon for power?
You will take sides because you won’t help it.

* . * . *

Title: Yetunde: An Ode to My Mother

Author: Segilola Salami

Purchase: Yetunde on Amazon


Death is wicked . . .

Follow Yetunde as she narrates her mother’s ode to her grandmother. It is the Yoruba praise poetry for a mother known as Oriki Iya

This is a short story dedicated to past, present and future mothers.

A perfect mother’s day present

The book is mostly in English and any Yoruba words are translated, so everyone can enjoy the book fully

* . * . *

Title: Dancing With The Dead

Author: Charles Freedom Long

Purchase: Dancing With The Dead on Amazon


“For me, to live is to die,” Fahd al-Sharfa said. “I want to destroy Luna City and the space stations and become a martyr for truth.” Bit Fahd, a brilliant astrophysicist, never counted on falling in love with Doctor Quenby, his Antal coworker, whom he was now about to kill. Nor had he realized the tenacity of Vice-Marshal Natil’s Eagle Legion, determined to stop him. And especially Aidan Good…who dances with the dead.

A boy genius is taken from his family and trained for a suicide mission on the moon. But he falls in love with just the wrong person. This powerful and gripping novel explores questions of redemption, truth, love, and life beyond death. Richly detailed, imaginative and evocative, DANCING WITH THE DEAD blends science and spiritual fiction. Filled with vivid and convincingly drawn characters, this gripping tale is at once a poignant human/alien love story and a foray into the realms beyond.

* . * . *

Title: The Woman in the Jimmy Choo Shoes

Author: L. V. Krause

Purchase: The Woman in the Jimmy Choo Shoes on Amazon


What happens when you get in the way of a billionaire-to-be? Audrey Blue, a young attorney at a prestigious Chicago law firm, finds out when she discovers damaging information that could harm her law firm’s biggest clients, who will become billionaires when their financial firm goes public in one short week’s time. Before she knows it, Audrey’s accused of murder, drummed from her firm, and in a race for her life.

To save herself, she must find the real killer, who might be the dangerously charming head of the takeover firm himself. As the debonair financier plans his multi-million-dollar birthday bash, Audrey must infiltrate the world of the wealthy financiers, their trophy wives, and their spoiled kids—who all live in fear of disinheritance—as she spars with the handsome Chicago detective assigned to her case.

* . * . *

Title: The Cheating Wive Club: Women are Dying to Join!

Author: D. J. Jouett

Purchase: The Cheating Wives Club on Amazon


When women in her hometown become the victims of a vicious killer Psychiatrist Lana Reed is pulled into a world of serial killers and cheating wives. As her acquaintances are viciously murdered, she suspects one of her patients. Dr. Reed finds herself struggling with doctor-patient confidentiality. As women continue to die, Lana must decide between her professional ethics and helping the man she loves solve the heinous crimes. Great detective work. A real cliffhanger.
Romance, Love, Suspense, Thriller.



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