Into The Fog – My Second Novel

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Besides being a book blogger I am also an author.  My second novel, “Into The Fog”, was released back in 2013, but I am currently working on redoing it.  However, I am offering it for free on Smashwords in hopes of gaining some feedback from you, the readers!  This edition would be unedited and only meant for review, but I would greatly appreciate it if any of you would read it and give me your thoughts.  If this is of interest to you, please email me at and I will give you a coupon code for Smashwords so that you can get the book for free.  This would require you having an account on Smashwords, which is free!  Below is the information on my book.

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Title: Into The Fog

Author: Ashley Nestler

Link: Into The Fog on Smashwords


A murder, a choice, and an eternal destiny. Welcome to sixteenth century England and enter the world of glamour, mystery and heartache. Darielle has lived at the Tower of London for her entire life among the royals. Engaged to Prince Tarum, she couldn’t be happier until the eve of their wedding announcement when Tarum is murdered in front of the entirety of the Tower. Darielle is suddenly thrown into a life that she never expected and hardly had the chance to prepare for as Tarum’s death leads to occurrences that she is suddenly the center of. When strangers begin to enter the Tower to live alongside her she finds herself drawn to Harlisisle, the new guard of Queen Estelle, for a reason that she cannot place. This attraction to him changes the entire course of her life and the Tower forever. But who is Harlisisle and the family that he brought with him? Will Darielle be able to find her place in the Tower without Tarum amongst these strange new beings or will she be thrown into a world foreign to everything she ever knew? Follow Darielle as she faces the biggest choice of her life – the choice between true love and her own safety, as well as the safety for those around her. Full of romance, action, thrills, and sorrow “Into The Fog” will keep you attached until the very end.



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